Aurivo has announced that measures taken over the past five years, underpinned by significant capital investment of over €37 million in the last three years, have put its business on a stronger sustainable footing.

Launching its sustainability credentials through a series of videos today, Wednesday, April 29, Aurivo outlined achievements to date.

The processor has taken steps towards reducing carbon footprint on almost 500 million litres of milk delivered every year across a transport network in 14 counties.

Aurivo replaced oil with woodchip to produce half of its heat energy to process milk and reduced carbon emissions by 50%. Each year, from using woodchip and gas, carbon emissions are reduced by 25,000t, the co-op says.

Meanwhile, at the processor’s liquid milk plant, the firm invested in heat pump technology to reduce on-site fossil fuel consumption by 80%.

A new packing machine produces fully renewable milk cartons – manufactured from sugarcane and paperboard. In 2020, the cooperative intends to move to bio-based cartons for all milk and work with suppliers and partners to reduce plastic packaging.

On a farmer-relations level, the co-op claimed that Aurivo supports farmers to ensure their environment and rural communities thrive for future generations.

In addition, through farm programmes, the Sligo-headquartered firm says it works with farmers to reach targets for grass-based dairy.

Commenting, Donal Tierney, CEO of Aurivo, said: “Aurivo is on a journey to achieve a target of processing 500 million litres by 2022.

“Our whole journey at Aurivo is about sustainability; it starts on the farms and goes through every part of the business: from our suppliers, to processes, into our communities in Ireland’s north west and to global customers in 50 countries.

As a key stakeholder within the dairy sector, we are integrating more sustainable processes within the co-operative. Aurivo is the only dairy processing co-op in Ireland using woodchip and bulk liquid natural gas as an energy source to process milk.

“Over the last five years, we have reduced our use of heavy fuel oil and cut carbon emissions by 50% or 25,000t per year.”

He continued, adding: “While we are proud of our track record, our focus is firmly on the future as we strive to continuously achieve and deliver for our members, our farmers, our employees and the communities we operate in.

“Sustainability is embedded in Aurivo’s mission and we are continuing to make operational improvements to ensure a sustainable future for the co-op.”