The board of Aurivo has increased November’s milk price by 1c to 40c/L for December, including standard bonuses and VAT, continuing the trend among several processors to break the 40c/L mark for milk supplied in December.

Aurivo said that this converts to the equivalent of 43.85c/L at EU standard constituents 3.4% protein and 4.2% butterfat.

In a statement to Agriland, it said that “global dairy demand remains strong with a positive outlook”.

Share standard paying suppliers to Aurivo will also receive 1.5c/L (VAT inclusive) bonus for all milk supplied in January, February and March 2021 in this month’s payment.

Accolades for Aurivo

Meanwhile, late last year, Aurivo Consumer Foods received the Dairy Private Label Manufacturer of the Year Award at the inaugural Irish Private Label and Contract Manufacturer Awards.

The award recognised the work Aurivo is undertaking in collaboration with its retail partners in Ireland in relation to sustainability.

Aurivo’s achievement of being the first dairy co-operative in Ireland to launch the larger format Fully Renewable Tetra Rex plant-based carton across major Irish retailers, was cited as one of the key reasons Aurivo scooped the distinguished award.

December milk price at other processors

Last week, Lakeland Dairies became the first processor to announce a December milk price of 40c/L.

The board of Lakeland Dairies opted to increase its price by 0.5c/L in the Republic of Ireland, bringing the price to 40c/L including VAT and a lactose bonus, for milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

Glanbia followed suit revealing that it will pay its members 42c/L (including VAT) at 3.6% butterfat and 3.3% protein.

The creamery price includes an unconditional late supply bonus of 2c/L (including VAT) that will be paid on milk supplied in December, the company said.

Glanbia Ireland (GI) will pay a base milk price for December of 39.58c/L (including VAT) for creamery milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

Meanwhile, Kerry Group announced that its base price will increase to 39.25c/L, including VAT at constituents of 3.3% protein and 3.6% butterfat.

At European standard constituents of 3.4% protein and 4.2% butterfat, this base price translates to 43.06c/L including VAT.