Between account management; dairy calf to beef research; and farm machinery, there’s a number of exciting jobs available in the agriculture sector at the moment.

Here are some of the latest ones, as seen on

Dairy calf to beef

Teagasc is looking for a dairy calf to beef systems research technologist for a permanent position.

The starting salary will be €33,387 per annum, with a current salary scale of up to €64,981. However, starting pay may change depending on “exceptional circumstances” for candidates with prior service in the public sector.

The research technologist will be responsible for collecting research data for a large dairy beef research programme; managing the daily operation of the research programme; and disseminating research findings.

A level 8 degree in agricultural science or a related discipline is an essential qualification, while skills in data collection, animal health and both oral and written communication are essential for the role. Click here for more information

Contract database technician

Staying with Teagasc, the organisation is looking for a temporary externally-funded non grant-in-aid contract post, the duration of which is 30 months, subject to contract.

The starting salary will be €29,075 per annum. The current salary scale is €29,075 to €39,145.

As with the previous job, exceptional circumstances may apply for candidates with current or previous service in the public sector.

Candidates must have a Level 7 degree in computer science, data management or a related discipline, and research experience in animal science is a desirable qualification. Click here for more information

Nutrient Management Planning Technologist

The final Teagasc position up for grabs is a nutrient management planning (NMP) technologist.

The salary will start at €33,387 per annum, with a current salary scale of €33,387 to €64,337.

Candidates must have a QQI Level 8 degree in agricultural science or environmental science, with considerable knowledge/experience relating to specification or implementation of software development. Click here for more information

Meath Farm Machinery

Moving away from Teagasc, and Meath Farm Machinery is looking to fill two positions: a field sales rep and a parts assistant.

The sales rep position will require “excellent” customer relationship skills and strong account management skills.

Duties and responsibilities will include representing the dealership in the sale of machinery and related products in a defined sales area. Click here for more information

Meanwhile, the position of parts assistant will entail promoting and selling parts and/or services to meet customer needs, and assisting with the preparing and maintaining of merchandised display.

The role will require competent knowledge of agricultural equipment and the farming industry, and the ability to use standard computer applications and internet functions. Click here for more information

Looking abroad?

In case you were looking for a change of scenery, there’s a position available in Poznan, Poland, for a management accountant.

The successful applicant will require “excellent” communication skills and a professional demeanor.

Responsibilities will include assisting the financial controller in ensuring that the accounting records are properly controlled and reported upon. Click here for more information

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