‘ArableApril’: Send us your pics for a chance to win

Veganuary, Februdairy and now ‘ArableApril’. The Irish Grain Growers’ Group (IGGG) wants to get a discussion going on the Irish tillage sector and AgriLand are getting involved.

Tillage farmers are very busy at present and we want you to take some snaps.

Send those pictures in or tag us on Facebook and Twitter and be in with a chance to win some AgriLand merchandise.

Whether you’re sowing, spreading fertiliser, spraying or are still waiting to cut the last of the westerwolds we want to hear about it.

Speaking to AgriLand the chairperson of the IGGG Bobby Miller explained what he hopes will happen as a result of the campaign.

“The whole idea would be to highlight the tillage sector or the arable sector here in Ireland – and probably across the world as well – and to start a debate.

We want to put the tillage sector into people’s minds and raise awareness of the tillage sector here in Ireland.

“Whatever way the discussion goes after that is up to the interest that’s involved in it,” he added.

The Irish tillage area has seen a massive decline over the past 20 years and the IGGG wants to highlight the quality of the products that Irish tillage farmers are producing.

Miller mentioned things like the importation of animal feed when Irish grain is freely available and the importation of GM grain into the country as factors which are affecting this decline.

Clive Carter, secretary of the IGGG, has got #ArableApril off to a start. He was out rolling on Monday

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