Amazing video of farmer herding thousands of sheep from the sky

It’s like a scene from the Lion King as a New Zealand farmer uses a drone to not only film his sheep but to herd them.

Brett Sanders told Stuff New Zealand that for the past 18 months he has been using a drone to check a herd of 2,000 ewes at Matangi Station, near Alexandra.

With 29,000 acres, and only two farmers to cover the area, Sanders says that it’s a very useful tool for the farm.

He told the website that he usually sends the drone to herd the sheep by using a horn and a siren and then he meets the herd himself.

“I don’t have to get off [the tractor] and walk all the gullies.”

I turned the wife’s pantry into a drone building facility. I’m not sure she’s too happy about that.

The drone previously alerted Sanders to a ram stuck in a fence, which he then rescued, he says.

In the video you can see hundreds of merino sheep being moved across the New Zealand countryside and then Sanders’ dog rounds up the group and moves them swiftly across a bridge.

Sanders told Stuff New Zealand that his interest in drones started after he bought one secondhand from a child in Cromwell New Zealand.

Since then he has imported and added different frames, motors and other parts to his drone, he says.

“It’s just an added tool I use for certain things. There is huge potential,” he says.

Take a look at the drone herding the sheep across the farm in New Zealand:

Video source:Brett Sanders (Youtube).