Alltech experts to offer feed advice for farmers in Tullamore

Nutrition specialists from Alltech’s InTouch team will be on hand to engage with farmers on the current feed shortage situation at this year’s Tullamore Show.

The experts will offer advice on feed budgeting, diet formulation and use of alternative forages, Alltech says.

Alltech’s beef experts will apparently offer tips on how to achieve a “faster, younger finish” with cattle, while the company’s ruminant campaign “Nutrition Your Way” will exhibit Alltech’s nutritional offerings.

Complete on-farm support services will also be on show, according to the multinational firm.

Mixer wagon rental scheme

Keenan sales representatives will be available on the joint Alltech/Keenan stand to provide their expertise on both machines and nutrition and will also share further details about the Keenan rental scheme.

This initiative was launched last Friday, July 27, to support farmers who do not own nor have access to a mixer wagon and have been affected by the severe drought conditions, according to the firm.

The mixer wagon rental proposal gives farmers the option to rent a machine for three months.

Keenan will also be showcasing its MechFiber320 and MechFiber365 product range on the day.

The Keenan MechFiber365 is the first machine of the medium-sized range to be designed with a heavy-duty sealed oil-bath drive system, the manufacturer claims.

Visitors to the stand can enter the company’s prize drawing to win a trip on the Alltech Euro Tour.

This trip involves a group of more than 130 farmers from across Europe joining Alltech for its second annual Alltech Euro Tour.

Taking place November 26–30, the group will tour dairy farms in four different countries over five days.

Alltech and Keenan will host a joint stand at the show on Sunday, August 12. Admission to the public begins at 8:30am.