AgriLand launches into the UK is the largest digital news publisher in the agricultural sector in Ireland.

Now we’re embarking on a pioneering journey to revolutionise how farmers and agricultural professionals access relevant news and technical information in the UK.

The journey

In 2013, established itself as the first daily farming portal in Ireland, publishing seven days per week, 365 days a year – with content available across all digital platforms, including the free-to-download app.

We’re now bringing that proven approach to UK farmers and agricultural professionals; is now live.

Evolving rapidly

Like Ireland, agriculture in the UK is evolving rapidly. Major changes loom large in the near future – not least because of Brexit but also due to wider European, and indeed global, challenges.

It’s vital that farmers who work within this industry – right across Britain and Northern Ireland – have access to timely news and developments; that’s what will deliver.

Informed decisions

Our digital platforms will ensure that discerning readers can make informed decisions – for their businesses, both on a day-to-day and a longer-term basis.

Meanwhile, the portal that you’ve come to count on here in Ireland – – will continue to innovate and forge ahead, with its dedicated team of journalists and industry experts.

Indeed, innovation has always been a hallmark of agriculture; ensure that you stay ahead of the curve – with AgriLand.

This is one in a series of exciting new announcements from the AgriLand Group that will be revealed over the coming days and weeks.