Keep track of your mart

CASE STUDY: Aarushi Software Solutions is a quality software solutions provider for the agriculture and retail sectors. The company was founded in 2000 and are based in Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

The company have two main products, one is an online web solution and the other is market livestock software. MartTrak is a livestock tracking, auctioning and accounting software system that caters for the operational activities of the mart including intake, seller and buyer settlements and debtor control.

Speaking to AgriLand, director Prakash Kamat said: “It was almost by chance that we came across livestock software in 2003. The livestock software we have is MartTrak. It has been in development since 2005 and has gone under a number of changes since then. When we began we had it in two marts, one in Raphoe and one in Clones.” The product was tested extensively at these two marts and made ready for the market. “Since October of last year we have been going around the country getting MartTrak into marts.”

The technology was developed to suit the user, Kamat explained. They visited the people who would use the product, watched how they were worked and developed the package with them in mind.

“There are few icons and it is very easy to use. We train buyers for free for a day or two depending on the circumstances.” The package has been well received so far and each package is tailored to suit the owner at no extra charge, he noted.

“We want to be the leaders in this area and we are confident we will be. There is lots of opportunity for growth and we hope to have at least two thirds of the market share in this area.”

Image: Store cattle penned in mart. Photo O’Gorman Photography