This novel Danish designed and built contraption is a stone picker/collector for your ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or quad bike.

The entity (manufacturer) behind the product is simply known as ‘Stoneless’.

This video (below) shows the unit in action (bear in the mind that the accompanying text is in Danish).

“We have developed a rock collector for ATVs. With this solution, it’s possible to escape heavy lifting,” explained the manufacturer (albeit in Danish – translated into English).

“You simply drive around on an ATV and steer the collector with three rocker switches, which are attached to the handlebar.”

“With an ATV weighing just a few hundred kilos and a stone collector on the back, our solution results in a minimal impression on your field and on your crops.

With our ATV stone collectors you can clear stones much faster than when you would’ve had to walk around the field.

“The working comfort of an ATV is far better than a pair of dirty working gloves and a tired back.”

The hydraulic system of the stone collector is powered by a 12V180ah Varta battery, which has to be charged after each working day. A 400cc-sized ATV (or bigger) is recommended.

The manufacturer says that stones with a diameter of up to 50cm can be handled. The loading mechanism can even be removed – enabling the contraption to be used as a simple trailed cart.

The maximum unloading height is 0.28m.

The man behind the product is Soren Vestergaard Kristensen; he’s based in Kjellerup (Denmark). The company – Stoneless – can be accessed via this link.