Local Power Ltd has launched a new business division – dubbed Crystal Clean Air – to help businesses and employers deal effectively with the new reality as they plan a pathway back to the office and other workplaces following the future easing of restrictions as the vaccination program is rolled out.

Crystal Clean Air, using an Irish developed technology solution Ilimex, sterilises the air in occupied indoor spaces safely and quietly, according to Local Power Ltd.

Ilimex units kill 99.9999% of all airborne pathogens on each air pass including the viruses that cause Covid-19, and colds and flus.

Critically, the effectiveness of the units have been certified by the Ulster University after extensive testing, Local Power says.

Ilimex technology uses a unique combination of UVC light and filter technology – with no ozone or other harmful processes involved. It safely sterilises air in indoor spaces as people go about their work and activities.

In addition to airborne pathogens, the Crystal Clean Air solution filters out major pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke particulates and pollen leaving indoor spaces healthy and comfortable for all to enjoy.

Indoor spaces from as small as a mini-bus or elevator to large-shared offices or classrooms are fully accommodated within the Ilimex product range, Crystal Clean Air says.

Commenting, Pat Smith, managing director of Local Power Ltd, said: “We hope that the far-reaching impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic will abate as vaccines are rolled out and everyone can get back to some degree of normality.

However, the consequences of Covid-19 could unfortunately last for years and key among these are widespread concerns at the rapid spread of flu-like viruses in indoor spaces.

“Businesses and employers will need to reassure their staff and customers that their indoor spaces do not present a risk to their health and wellbeing.”

Smith said healthy indoor spaces will bring massive long-term benefits, with more customers for businesses and less sick days for employers and employees.

The Crystal Clean Air solution also helps to address the crazy and expensive practice prevailing in some populated indoor spaces this winter where the windows are kept open to provide ventilation while the heating is left on at full tilt.”

He pointed to the UK where new regulations to improve air quality in indoor spaces are already on the agenda.

The managing director also referenced Francesca Brady, the CEO of AirRated which certifies the quality of indoor air, who recently stated that “increased awareness about the link between ventilation, recirculation of air and viral transmission has led to a massive shift in occupier demands and expectations”.

Ilimex units are “built to last” and are highlighted as having low operation and maintenance costs.

With fixed and mobile options available, the units are easily moved between spaces and the air sterilisation units come fully IoT (Internet of Things) enabled to monitor performance.

Continuing, Smith said: “With the Crystal Clean Air back-up, staff and customers will know that businesses are prioritising their wellbeing and comfort, helping to reassure and rebuild confidence among all stakeholders.

Lessons will be learned from this pandemic and chief among these should be that we can avoid the spread of airborne pathogens such as colds and flus in indoor environments.

“The old ways of managing indoor spaces are gone. The future is here – and we believe Crystal Clean Air is that future,” Smith concluded.