Domestic milk intake from creameries and pasteurisers increased by 5.4% for August 2021 compared to August 2020, based on the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

A total of 914.5 million litres were processed in August 2021, compared to 867.6 million litres in August 2020.

So far in 2021, some 6,600.2 million litres have been processed by creameries and pasteurisers – an increase of 6.2% compared to 2020, when 6,215.2 million litres were processed.

Fat and protein

Looking at the average fat and protein figures for August, we can see that the average fat content of milk supplied is 4.19%.

This has increased compared to July when the figure was 4%. This figure is also slightly ahead of the August 2020 figure when fat content supplied was 4.17%.

The average protein content of milk supplied in August was 3.54%, slightly behind the 2020 figure when it was 3.57%.

The is an increase from July however, when the figure was 3.43%.

Domestic milk intake

Total milk sold for human consumption increased in August by 0.6 million litres – to reach 44.1 million litres – compared to July, when 43.5 million litres were sold.

28.5 million litres were sold as whole milk, a slight decrease on July’s figure when 28.7 million litres were sold.

Moving to skimmed and semi-skimmed milk; 15.6 million litres were sold. This is an increase of 0.7 million litres compared to July, when 14.9 million litres were sold.

Butter production fell again this month, decreasing from June’s high of 31,500t. The figure for August shows that 28,200t were produced.

This is 2,000t ahead of the 2020 figure when 26,200t was produced.

Looking at skimmed milk powder for the month of August, we can see that there was a decrease of 1,300t compared to July.

A total of 24,700t was produced in August, which is ahead of the 2020 figure when 17,800t was produced.

Milk price tracker

Earlier this week, the latest Milk Price Tracker – brought to you by Agriland and the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA) – was released.

The Milk Price Tracker details milk prices from the most significant Irish dairy co-ops for the month of August.