A hearing is currently ongoing in Co. Kerry regarding the proposed South Kerry Greenway project, with up to 40 landowners set to raise their concerns at the Tralee meeting.

It is understood that the majority of the landowners involved are farmers, many of whom have had compulsory purchase orders (CPO) placed on their land.

According to Thomas Cooney, the environment chairperson for the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), the people who are addressing the hearing are also aggrieved over the lack of consultation with those whose lands might be affected by the construction of the greenway.

AgriLand understands that progress at the hearing is moving slowly.

Some 130 farmers with land along the planned route of the greenway have been hit with CPOs.

The planned project has generated no shortage of controversy in recent months.

In July, an agronomist was appointed by Kerry County Council to deal with the issues that have been raised by the affected landowners and farmers.

That role was given to Diarmuid O’Sullivan of agricultural and environmental consultants DOSAGRI limited.

Kerry County Council has come in for sharp criticism from farmer groups for its handling of the situation.

South Kerry IFA chairperson Pat O’Driscoll previously told AgriLand that the serving of CPOs had “only served to allow a negative and hurtful element to creep into proceedings”.

He also said that the county council’s decision to take legal action against some farmers had “caused hurt”, and had contributed to talks breaking down.