Nearly 14,000 farmers are still awaiting their disadvantage area scheme (DAS) payment for this year, while up to 2,000 farmers are waiting on their single farm payment (SFP).

This is according to figures released by the Department of Agriculture in the days leading up to Christmas.

Balancing payments under the 2013 SFP scheme were issued from 2 December. To date 121,909 farmers were paid €1,172.1m under the 2013 SFP scheme. The counties to receive the highest payments included €160m in Cork, €76m in Galway and €98m in Tipperary.

Payments under the 2013 DAS commenced on 25 September and to date some €190.7m was issued nationally to  90,605 applicants where some €22m went to Galway, €21m to Mayo and €16m to Donegal.

In terms of outstanding payments, according to the figures exactly 13,983 farmers are awaiting their DAS payment, while 1,960 farmers their SFP for 2013.

Speaking on the matter, Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said the injection of these payments into the rural economy in the relatively short three-month period since payments commenced, benefits not only individual farmers but also those businesses with whom farmers interact on a daily basis.

On the issue of outstanding applications, he said: “Payments cannot issue until all outstanding queries have been resolved on an individual application. However payments are continuing to issue on a twice weekly basis, in respect of both schemes, with individual cases being paid as they are confirmed eligible.”