10 things to get your farming ‘auld lad’ this Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day and if you’ve left it until the last minute to get you father something well you’ve come to the right place!

1. A tank of green diesel

With the price of agri diesel on the rise again, like all the other fuels, a tank of green diesel will surely be appreciated by the ‘pops’, as this is a significant cost in most farming enterprises.

2. Baler twine

Whether it’s used for adopting lambs or tying the trousers up, your auld lad would be lost without a ‘skelp’ of twine wherever in the country he may be. This is an essential for the arse pocket.

3. A pen knife

Wherever baler twine may be, there must be a pen knife in close range. A pen knife will get your father out of more than one situation.

If it’s tightening a loose screw or simply cleaning out the calf de-horner during use, farming would be a more complex business without a pen knife.

4. A new stereo system for the milking parlour

With the noise of machinery rattling through your father’s ears his whole life, he’s probably a bit short on hearing and tends to complain that he can ‘hear nothin’ on that radio in the milking parlour’.

A new stereo system with plenty of speakers would surely solve this problem… or make it worse.

5. A new flask for the tae

Transport of the tae from the kitchen to bog can often be a sensitive issue among the older farming community with many complaining that the tae’s gone ‘cowld’.

Buying a decent flask for your dad this fathers day is sure to be appreciated by himself.

6. A mobile phone holder for the tractor

This is a must have if your father is notorious for losing his phone and finding it six months later in the silage pit in a 100 pieces.

This is a very cheap and simple gift but a base for your father’s mobile phone.

7. A smartphone so that he can download the Agriland app.

Is he always giving out about the lack of news on the phone? Well we can suggest you buy him a smartphone and download the Agriland app.

This will provide him with quick updates on all things farming!

8. A new cap

Most dads wear a cap that’s seen it all – whether it was the knocking of the Berlin wall or the opening of Knock airport. The cap is old and probably covered in manure.

A new John Deere cap would surely get him another 20 growing seasons.

9. A can of WD 40

This will mean the world to your father. When it comes to machinery repairs, loosening rusty bolts or lubrication, a can of WD 40 will not let you, your father, or in fact anyone in your family, down.

10.A vice grips

Need we say anymore?