Retired vet inspector pleads guilty to unauthorised animal remedies

Today at a sitting of Carlow District Court, John Hughes, a retired vet, from Orchard, Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow pleaded guilty to four counts of possession on 2 February 2012 of unauthorised animal remedies namely Detomovet, Thiazine, Omoguard Paste and Pentosan Gold and Halo.

The vet also pleaded guilty to one count of possession on the same date of an animal remedy consisting of or containing a substance having an androgenic action, namely Nitrotain Oral Paste.

Judge O’Brien ordered that the State’s legal costs in the amount of €3,000 to be paid by Hughes, witness expenses in the sum of €100 to be paid and a donation of €10,000 to be paid to the Kilkenny Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KSPCA) .

A Forfeiture Order in respect of the products seized was granted. The matter was adjourned to 5 December for mention only. On that occasion, on proof of payment of the €10,000 donation to the KSPCA, the Court indicated that it might be disposed to applying the Probation Act.

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