Pics: Take a look at the dairy products for sale on Indonesian shelves

Reporting from Indonesia

Condensed milk was one of the first things to hand when the delegates of the Bord Bia Trade Mission to Indonesia walked into a convenience store.

Bagged or canned, it is a very common product and can be used for adding to coffee. Behind the counter, baby formula took up significant space on the shelf, while a host of convenient milk products were available.

Convenience store

Condensed milk and flavored milk stood out in the convenience store. A can of UHT milk could also be purchased to drink on the go. Some of the Milko products that were produced in a factory visited by the Trade Mission earlier in the day were also available.

Higher end of the scale

Fresh milk is not a common product in Indonesian, but it could be seen on this shelf in Indoguna. A selection of different cheeses were also available.

Cheddar cheese is becoming a popular product and can be seen in the gallery below, along with fresh milk, different cheese products and cream.

Trade Mission

The first ever Irish agri-food trade mission to Indonesia and Malaysia took place this week and was led by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine – Michael Creed TD – who heads up the mission, along with Bord Bia CEO, Tara McCarthy.

The mission focuses mainly on the marketing of dairy and beef products. At present, 630,000t of international dairy ingredients are imported into Indonesia and Malaysia.

These countries depend largely on India and Oceania for imported food. However, demand in the region is growing for sustainable sources of ingredients from Europe.

Bord Bia’s prioritising markets study ranked Indonesia and Malaysia in the top five markets for both meat and dairy products.

This is due to the expanding middle class, which is resulting in a growing demand for consumer foods made from quality ingredients.