Beef trade: No movement in price or confidence

For the most part, beef factory quotes remain unchanged when it comes to steers and heifers. Prices for steers continue at 345-350c/kg, while base quotes for heifers stand at 355-360c/kg.

Beef buyers are starting negotiations with farmers for cows at 260c/kg for P-grade cows. In addition, 270-280c/kg is on the table for O-grade animals and 300c/kg upwards is being quoted for R-grade cows.

Moving to bulls, factory appetite is varied with prices of 345c/kg for R-grades. O-grade bulls are hovering around the 315-320c/kg mark and 350c/kg for U-grading types.

Again this week, the time-frame is reportedly dependent on animal type and age, with a number of factories prioritising steers and heifers and those that are at risk of going overage.

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Heavy rain over the past number of days has left farmers with little option but to contact their processor and market their animals, as ground conditions deteriorate and farmer confidence is still extremely low on the ground.

During the week ending October 6, a total of 37,689 cattle were slaughtered – consisting of 16,621 bullocks and 11,138 heifers, again highlighting factory preference for these animals.

As a result, young bull, aged bull and cow slaughterings were low – coming in at 2,520 head, 480 head, and 6,827 head respectively.