Farmland Podcast: Dairy Industry Ireland’s Conor Mulvihill on the Food Vision Dairy Group final report

November 17, 2022 9:18 am

Dairy Industry Ireland’s (DII) Conor Mulvihill and Agriland journalist Megan O’Brien join Stella Meehan on the latest podcast episode of Farmland to discuss the recently released Food Vision Dairy Group final report.

The report contains 19 recommendations for lowering the dairy sector’s emissions, one of which – the voluntary reduction/exit scheme – has sparked much debate among farm organisations.

Mulvihill offers a positive perspective on the document, stating that the voluntary nature of the exit/reduction scheme should be welcomed as measures such as a mandatory cow cull and milk quotas “were on the table” during the negotiations.

In contrast, O’Brien outlines some of the concerns that other farming organisations have, including the belief that a scheme such as this would equate to land sterilisation, and that it blocks a pathway into farming for young people.

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