Young families to spend most on potatoes in next decade – Bord Bia

The three-year campaign to generically promote potato consumption in Ireland will specifically target consumers in the 22 to 44 year old age category, according to Bord Bia Director of Horticulture Mike Neary.

“These are the people who will be spending most on potatoes over the next decade,” he said.

“The campaign will be launched in early September. All the funding streams are now in place.

“Earlier this week the EU confirmed its commitment to provide 50% of the monies required to drive an initiative, which will see Bord Bia joining forces with the British Potato Council to promote potatoes across both jurisdictions.”

The agreed three-year budget for Ireland is €1m. Half of this will be contributed by Brussels with the other 50% procured in equal measure from potato growers, packers and the Department of Agriculture and the Marine.

Neary confirmed that the next few months will be spent finalising the detail of the campaign.

It will have a very strong digital focus with a new website currently being developed.

“This will be supplemented by more traditional PR and print-related activities. A UK-based marketing agency, Kindred, has already been appointed to undertake the work required across both the British and Irish markets.

“We had formerly worked with the company on a mushroom promotional campaign. They are extremely competent in terms of the work that they do.”

Neary believes it will take more than three years to stabilise – and thereafter – increase potato consumption trends in Ireland.

“This is why we will be going back to Brussels in a couple of years’ time to seek additional funding support,” he said.

“The EU Commission particularly welcomes generic food promotional campaigns which involve the co-operation of at least two member states. This is why we joined forces with the British Potato Council in the context of the current campaign. And I see no reason why we shouldn’t look at this kind of model in the future.”