We all need to look at our carbon footprint and see how we can make energy efficiencies in our daily lives – which would actually save us money. There is huge room for improvement in the area; and there are also wonderful opportunities available to farmers and business people when it comes to renewable energy.

These were the sentiments expressed by Ireland south MEP Séan Kelly while speaking to AgriLand after he officially opened the Energy in Agriculture Conference 2019 at Gurteen Agricultural College in Co. Tipperary yesterday, Tuesday, August 20.

The event was a joint initiative between Teagasc, Tipperary County Council, the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), Tipperary Energy Agency and Gurteen Agricultural College.

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On the day, farmers received advice on renewable energy project development and heard from a number of experts in the field as well as from those who have been successful in incorporating renewable energy on their farms.

Getting the message across

Meanwhile, Kelly pointed to Ireland’s targets in the climate action battle and to how farmers “especially” are very aware of what needs to be done.

“We have to abide by those targets – they will be governed over a period of time,” he continued.

Farmers have made it very clear that they are quite willing to play their part in all of this.

“They have demonstrated this willingness in the past; they have very dedicated energy in agriculture committees through all the various farm organisations and all they want really is support.”

Kelly went on to say that the Government now has “a key role” to play in providing that support and he highlighted the importance of the recently launched Climate Action Plan 2019.

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“That plan must be followed up with real incentives,” he added.

“The key message to Government on that is that those incentives must not depend on the particular whim of a party or change of Government.

“We need certainty on this and if that certainty is created then I have no doubt that agriculture will play a huge part in Ireland reducing its emissions.”