Why not ‘go Dutch’ with a 60kph, 8,000L sprayer?

Netherlands-based Agrifac has taken the wraps off its latest self-propelled sprayer – the new, second-generation Condor Endurance.

The arrival of this machine comes with the news that the Dutch company has invested significantly in a new factory at its base in Steenwijk.

Agrifac is now building hundreds of self-propelled sprayers each year; it has come a relatively long way over the past decade or so.

Previous incarnations of this sprayer were powered by Volvo engines; the new version is fitted with a 9.6L Cummins motor (that churns out 420hp).

The machine boasts a capacious 8,000L tank and booms that stretch from 24m to 55m – so it’s a contraption that’s firmly aimed at very large tillage enterprises. Those stats also applied to the existing version; new for the Condor Endurance II is a top speed of 60kph and a completely new spray control system.

Three zones

The sprayer has been divided into different zones. The front part of the machine, around and below the cab, is the only area used for filling. Whether it’s using the induction hopper or filling the main tank or clean water tank, or topping up with diesel or AdBlue, it’s all done in that same area.

The centre of the machine houses the tanks (pictured above) and storage areas, while the back of the sprayer is home to the pumping systems and on-board electronics – apparently to ease maintenance access.

The wiring loom and the hoses live on separate sides of the machine – to reduce the risk of a short circuit.

Hydraulic hoses have been mounted on each wheel motor assembly (pictured below) to reduce the width of each ‘wheel cluster’ – to minimise crop damage.

‘Turning’ mudguards follow the wheels while steering – to make the machine feel more nimble both in the field and on the road.

The new model also gets revised in-cab controls; while the cab frame may look familiar (it’s sourced from Claas) the joystick and control terminal are now specifically designed for a sprayer. Moreover, on the Condor Endurance II the cab incorporates a new suspension system.