The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney has announced details of the direct aid package for the dairy and pig sectors of €27.4m.

The funds compromise off €13.7m of EU funding and a further €13.7m in matching national funding.

Minister has confirmed a flat rate payment for each of the 18,000 dairy farmers of €1,350. However, there will be an additional €800 top-up for young dairy farmers.


According to the Department, young farmers for this payment will be defined as dairy farmers who have successfully applied for the Young Farmer Scheme.

This top-up payment will be made in early 2016 when the scheme is finalised.

Processing of National Reserve, Young Farmers Scheme and Scottish Derogation applications is said to be ongoing in the Department.

The Department received some:

  • 7,000 National Reserve applications
  • 8,500 Young Farmers Scheme applications
  • 3,500 Scottish Derogation applications in 2015
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Why are dairy farmers getting a payment?

Back in September, in order to effectively address the existing market disturbance in the dairy sector, the European Commission deemed it appropriate to provide aid to Member States in the form of a one-time financial grant as part of its recent announcement on a package.

Ireland has been granted an allocation of €13.7m from an overall fund of €420m.

The relevant Commission Regulation, as revised at the request of Member States, including Ireland, provides scope for a national top-up of up to 100% to this EU payment.