What size tractors are Irish farmers and contractors buying?

Tractors between 101 and 200hp accounted for over 82% of all (new) registrations in the Republic of Ireland last year.

That’s four out of every five new tractors.

The finding comes with the release of the latest registration statistics from the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA). That data shows that a total of 1,762 new tractors were registered during 2018. That was down 34 units on the figure for 2017 (1,796).

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Here, in this article, we reveal what sizes of tractor (in terms of power output) Irish farmers and contractors have been buying.

Image source: Shane Casey

This table (below) shows, in considerable detail, how many new tractors were registered in the Republic of Ireland last year – in several different power bands.

Source: FTMTA

It’s clear from this table that demand for tractors between 101 to 120hp was especially strong.

Next busiest was the 121 to 150hp segment. There was also an appreciable level of activity in the 151 to 200hp sector.

Image source: Shane Casey

The data shows that very few tractors exceeding 250hp were registered – just 14 in fact.

At the lower reaches of the power spectrum, just five tractors were registered in the 51 to 70hp bracket – suggesting that such machines now have a very limited role to play.

Meanwhile, as indicated above, four-fifths of new tractor registrations were between 101 and 200hp.

That’s indicative of where the market was at – in 2018. As time moves on, will we see sales increase in the higher power bands and decrease in their lower counterparts? Past evidence would suggest we will, albeit at a measured pace.

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