Weather outlook: Heavy rain, humid conditions and threat of potato blight forecast

Unsettled weather conditions are in store this week with a mixture of sunny spells, heavy rain, rising temperatures and humid conditions expected countrywide, according to Met Eireann.

The national meteorological service has reiterated its Status Yellow warning that current conditions are conducive to the spread of potato blight – which it expects is “likely to develop” in parts of west Ulster later tomorrow (August 14).

In its latest farming commentary, Met Eireann said it is likely that a spell of rain on Wednesday (August 15) will bring “significant rainfall amounts” to all parts of the country resulting in above average rainfall amounts.


Weather conditions today (August 13) are expected to start out dry for many areas with a few sunny breaks expected mainly in the south of the country.

Along the west coast thicker cloud will bring patchy rain and drizzle; with cloud likely to extend eastwards throughout the morning – although most of the rain and drizzle will die away.

Met Eireann expects that it will brighten up again from the west for a time in the evening. Highest temperatures will range between 18° and 22° – warmest in the southeast.

Tonight will be mainly dry; but showery rain will develop in the northwest and along the west coast by morning.

Lowest temperatures will range between 15° in the west and 12° in the east with light to moderate westerly winds forecast to become southwesterly by morning.


Met Eireann has said that rain and drizzle will continue in the northwest and along the west coast tomorrow (August 14); however, elsewhere there will be “a good deal of dry weather” with sunny spells – best in the south and southeast.

Highest temperatures will be 17° or 18° in the west and northwest where rain lingers; but temperatures are expected to reach between 20° and 23° elsewhere.

Winds will also be moderate to fresh and travelling in a southwesterly direction.

Heavy rain

The national forecaster expects that on Wednesday (August 15) the rain in the western half of the country will “turn heavy” during the morning.

It is anticipated that the rain will extend eastwards throughout the day bringing a “steady fall” of rain across the country. The rain will clear to showers on Wednesday evening.

Highest temperatures are due to reach between 17° and 21° early in the day – with moderate to fresh southerly winds veering southwesterly with the clearing rain and introducing cooler, fresher conditions.

Thursday (August 16) looks to be a cooler day with temperatures down a degree or two in the east and south in particular.

Met Eireann forecasts that there’ll be showers in the west from early on, becoming widespread during the afternoon. The best of the sunny spells will be in the southeast; while winds will be moderate and westerly moving.

The weather experts anticipate that conditions on Friday will be similar – although temperatures are expected to rise again to values more typical for the time of year.

Current indications suggest the weather will continue unsettled with showers at times through the weekend with temperatures typical for the time of year, according to Met Eireann.

Rainfall totals

Rainfall totals over the last seven days have been well below normal with much of Leinster receiving less than 20% of normal.

For much of the country, amounts ranged from around 40% to 60% less than normal levels, according to Met Eireann.

The coming week is forecast to be unsettled with showers or spells for rain at times. It is likely that a spell of rain on Wednesday (August 15) will bring significant rainfall amounts to all areas resulting in above average rainfall amounts.


The national weather service has described sunshine amounts for the past week as “above normal” for most places with between 110% to 120% over the long-term average.

This week, the experts say that sunshine amounts will vary – with the best of any sunnier periods to be experienced in the east and south. It is forecast to be cloudier in general in the west and north.

Drying Conditions

Today will be warm and humid with patchy rain, so, drying conditions are quite poor.

Met Eireann’s farming commentary expects that drying conditions will be variable or poor this week as there will be rain or showers at times.

However, it is anticipated that there will be decent spraying conditions at times in drier periods as winds will be mostly light to moderate.

Meanwhile, soil moisture deficits continue to remain high over east Munster and parts of Leinster with growth continuing to be restricted; but elsewhere soil moisture deficits have reduced due to recent rainfall – however, they are still higher than normal.

Soil moisture deficits will reduce countrywide this week as above average rainfall is expected, the weather service has stated.

There is a blight warning in operation for this weekend as warm and humid conditions spread across the country from the south, clearing northeastwards later.

A further period of warm and humid weather is expected mid-week, the report concluded.