The weather over the weekend is set to be sunny, dry and fairly warm, though it will turn cloudier and duller early next week.

Today (Friday, May 27) will be a sunny day, with highest temperatures of 13° in the north to 19° in the south, in light to moderate northwesterly winds.

It will stay dry and largely clear tonight, though it will be cloudy at times over Ulster. Lowest temperatures tonight will be 5° to 8° in a light northerly breeze.

Tomorrow (Saturday, May 28) is set to be dry and sunny, with highest temperatures of 14° to 20°. As with today, the lowest values will occur in the north and the highest in the south, with light to moderate northerly winds.

It will remain dry and clear on Saturday night, with lowest temperatures of 5° to 9° in a light to moderate northerly breeze.

It will stay mostly dry and sunny through Sunday (May 29), though there is the chance of a light shower in the north and east. Highest temperatures will be 14° to 19°, once again cooler in the north and Ulster, in moderate northeasterly winds.

It will become cloudier overnight on Sunday with lowest temperatures of 5° to 9° in a light northerly breeze.

Monday (May 30) will see cooler, cloudier weather with scattered light showers. Highest temperatures will be 11° to 15°, with lowest temperatures on Monday night of 5° to 8°.

Tuesday (May 31), will see marginally higher temperatures, thought it will also see rather cloudier weather, with light winds and scattered showers.

Current indications from Met Éireann suggest that there will be further showers in the middle of next week, with light winds and temperatures about average for the time of year.

Drying conditions over the next couple of days are expected to be good, though less so after Monday.

Likewise, there will be good opportunities for spraying over the weekend, but rain from Monday is set to hamper these conditions.

Currently, soils are driest in the south and east of the country, with soil moisture deficits of up to 34mm for well drained soils and to 38mm for poorly drained soils.

Conditions will become wetter towards the northwest of the country where well and moderately drained soils remain just under saturation and poorly drained soils are waterlogged in places.

Over the next seven days, field conditions will remain similar in the northern half of the country. On the other hand, the south and east will become even drier with projected soil moisture deficits of up to 35mm to 45 mm for all soil types.