Without the usual festive socialising, a couple in Co. Donegal say they have plenty to do on their farm instead – the farm that is now home to quintuplet lambs.

Last weekend, Christopher and Niamh McLaughlin’s Belclare ewe lambed not only the three lambs they were expecting, but two more as well.

The three rams and two ewes along with their mother are all doing well, according to Niamh.

“They’re all 100%, which is great. We also had two single ewes that night as well,” she told AgriLand.

“It’s great to see the news getting attention. Everyone loves a good news story, especially after this year. Our Christmas lambs.”

‘She only scanned for three’

Niamh’s husband, Christopher, along with his father and grandfather, said they never saw this occur on the farm at the Isle of Doagh before.

“Joe, Christopher’s dad, said he remembers as a boy they had four lambs once, but they didn’t live – so it’s the first ever for the farm,” Niamh continued.

“She was only scanned for three, and when we saw her lambing on Sunday, she lambed one herself and then we helped her.

She was so big, she had such a big belly on her and we had to check her for the fourth – Christopher felt the hooves of the fourth lamb and he pulled her out and we got them all set up in their pen.

“We made sure they were alright and then we checked back on the ewe and next thing, she started pressing again.”

For this family, it is definitely a joyous end to 2020.

“We can’t go on nights out anyway this Christmas so at least we can lamb sheep instead – something to do, and we’re busy!” Niamh said.

“We’re over the moon.”