Warden issues warning following Laois dog attack

58 sheep were attacked by dogs in Laois with three killed in the onslaught, according to Laois Dog Warden Service, which has issued a warning to dog-owners.

The incident occurred in the Clonard area, near Mountrath, according to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) Dog Warden Service and took place due to dogs “not kept under effectual control and rambling”.

One dog was shot by the farmer in question who reported the matter to Gardai, while another dog was tracked back to its home and was subsequently put down by a vet.

In a statement on social media, the warden, which also runs Laois Dog Pound Shelter, said: “The Laois Dog Warden is patrolling an approximate 10km radius of the Clonard/Kilbricken area of Mountrath, where sheep had been killed and worried.”

Incorporating a number of local townlands, the warden added that dog licences and microchips will be checked in these areas, urging owners to have licences ready for inspection.

“Please note all dogs are required to be kept under effectual [proper] control at all times.

All dogs should be kept on a leash when near livestock. Also, all dogs are required at all times to wear an ID tag, bearing the name and address of the owner, attached to a collar at all times.

“Please note, a fixed penalty notice of €100 can/may be issued to any owner for: keeping a dog without a licence; or transferring possession of a dog without a dog licence; or taking possession of a dog without a licence.

“Fixed penalty notices may also be issued to an owner of a dog or person in charge of a dog for not having a dog kept under effectual control or for not having an ID tag attached to the dogs collar,” the warden warned.