After the success of virtual dairy sales in 2021, Cashel Mart is holding its first virtual sale of 2022 next Friday, January 28.

The virtual sale will take place on the MartEye app and kicks off at 7:00p.m.

Speaking to Agriland, Cashel Mart’s Ray Hunt stated: “After the overwhelming success of last year’s virtual sales, Cashel Mart is back with its first virtual sale of 2022.

“The format works very well, with no stock leaving the farm until bought and paid for – suiting both buyer and seller.

“We have found that auctioning these type of stock online and selling through the MartEye app has been a huge success for Cashel Mart,” Ray told Agriland.

Previous sales have seen prices hit €1,820 for in-calf heifers, with weanlings topping out at €860.


Some of the lots for this month’s virtual sale at Cashel Mart include:

Lot 1

Lot 1 at Cashel Mart’s virtual sale comprises ten high economic breeding index (EBI) heifers, all scanned in-calf to the easy calving Angus, and the majority of which are calving in February.

Lot 1: Ten high EBI in-calf heifers

Lot 2

Lot 2A at the sale comprises 12 freshly calved heifers, while lots 2B and 2C comprise 20 high-EBI Friesian and crossbred in-calf heifers.

Lot 2B and 2C: 20 high EBI in-calf heifers

Lot 3

Lot 3 at the virtual sale is made up of nine Friesian and crossbred in-calf heifers, all due in February and March.

Lot 3: Nine Friesian and crossbred in-calf heifer

Lot 4

Lots 4A and 4B at Cashel Mart’s sale comprise 17 crossbred heifers. These in-calf heifers are due from February onwards. A sample of said heifers is pictured below.

Lot 4C contains 12 Friesian in-calf heifers, with most of them due to calve down in February.

Lot 4A and 4B 17 crossbred heifers

Lot 10

Lots 10A and 10B at the virtual sale comprise 13 super maiden pedigree heifers, a sample of these heifers is pictured below.

Lot 10 A has an average EBI of €191, while Lot 10B has an average EBI of €202.

These heifers are pedigree and all genotyped. These heifers should be highly sought after as they are coming from an award-winning herd. 

Lots 10A and 10B: 13 pedigree maiden heifers

For more information on the virtual sale or to view stock, interested parties can contact Cashel Mart directly.

Dispersal sale

This coming Saturday, January 22, Cashel Mart is hosting the clearance sale of 50 in-calf cows and 10 in-calf heifers.

The herd’s owner choosing to retire from dairy farming is the reason for the sale.

All cows are scanned in-calf to an easy calving Saler bull and are due to calve in February and March.

The breeds within the herd include Friesian, Montbeliarde, Norwegian Red and Brown Swiss. 

The sale will take place at 1:00p.m at Cashel Mart and viewing of stock will be available on the mart premises from 11:00a.m. Bidding is available ringside and via the MartEye app.

More information can be found by contacting Cashel Mart.