Video: Watch one Kiwi farmer fly to work on his farm

New Zealand farmer Harry Meijer has a unique way of going to work; he uses a zipline to go from his house to his milking sheds.

He told the New Zealand Herald that when he established the farm he and his partner talked about what they wanted to have out of the farm.

“I’m a livestock farmer and what that means to me is that I’ve got some choices to make. In order to have choices I’ve got to have some dollars but I also want to enjoy what I do,” he said.

So he asked himself how they were going to have some fun.

“Well one thing we do is we have this flying fox thing we’ve chucked in. This flying fox wouldn’t come into the practical basket in any way shape or form; it’s strictly for fun.

“In the early days I actually fell off a couple of times and I’ve made it more user friendly, I don’t oil the pulleys any more for instance,” Meijer said.

The Canterbury farmer moved to the farm 10 years ago with his wife Clare and they have four children, according to the paper.

They run a 210ha dairy farm with 750 cows and installing the flying fox was one of the first things they did, it reports.

The fun doesn’t stop there for the New Zealand farmer. Hitting golf balls of a hill is another hobby.

“Some days we’ll get the golf balls out and hit them off the terrace behind the house.

“You’re never too old to have a fun life,” he said.