One Co. Sligo hen, called Nugget, made an ‘eggcellent’ television debut recently after she laid an egg on live television.

Nuggets owner has been trying to teach the hen how to distinguish colours, so she starts putting out coloured cards on the table and saying the word ‘red’ to get the hen to go to the colour.

However, Nugget decided that she had other things on her mind than picking out colours on her owners kitchen table.

The hen decided that while cameras were rolling it was the perfect time to lay an egg on the kitchen table. This hen is clearly not camera shy.

“Look here, come on, you better do something. I think she’s actually laying.

“Is she laying? She’s laying her egg!” her owner says while going into convulsions laughing.

The interviewer, Clarie Ronan, laughs asking will she lay her egg on the kitchen table to which her owner bursts into laughter as the egg is laid.

“It’s very difficult to concentrate on picking a colour and laying an egg,” Ronan says through laughter.

The segment was being filmed as part of Irish TV’s Sligo Matters television show which is one of a number of shows by the company which looks at stories from local communities.