A farmer in the UK has broken the world record for harvesting the highest-yielding wheat crop ever recorded after he yielded 16t/ha recently.

Tim Lamyman of Lincolnshire beat the current New Zealand wheat record by 0.8t and this year’s wheat yield was 2t/ha more than what he harvested last summer.

The wheat seed was drilled on September 14 last year at 110-120kg/ha and harvested on August 22.

The head count on July 14 was more than 900 heads per square metre of the Syngenta variety Reflection winter wheat.

That is not the only record the Lincolnshire farmer has broken this year. Lamyman also broke the world record for oilseed rape yield with his Picto variety earlier this month.

He harvested a yield of 6.7t/ha on August 5 at Worlaby near Louth beating the previous record by almost 0.5t/ha.

Lamyman uses Bionature’s smart nutrition, Delta, Tip Top and Calflux in his fertiliser program.

Speaking to Bionature, Lamyman said that the crop was established well in the Autumn using Delta and 1-4 All and has looked very well all year.

The video shows the Lincolnshire farmer harvesting his record wheat yield with a Claas combine and a Massey Ferguson 8650.

The record-breaking farmer is shown celebrating his new world record with family and friends.