Video: Multiple motorists avoid crashing into tractor and baler combo

A video has recently emerged online where multiple motorists can be seen narrowly avoiding a series of potentially devastating road traffic accidents with a tractor and square baler combination.

The video was originally posted to social media platforms by a girl in the UK; she managed to capture footage of the near misses as she travelled along a stretch of road leading to the town of Bognor Regis in the south of England.

It appears as if the driver of the tractor did not realise that the square baler that they were towing was obstructing the road – as it was in the working position rather than the one for transportation.

On a post on Facebook, Claudia Jankowiak urged road users to be careful. Apparently, the tractor in the video had pulled out in front of the car she was travelling in – creating “awful traffic” in the process.

While travelling along the road, the baler apparently reverted back to its working position. This meant that it was travelling along both sides of the road.

She continued: “[We] tried beeping at him and he didn’t even notice. Other cars almost fell in the ditch; so many accidents could of happened as the [baler] was on the other lane.”


Be careful on the road to Bognor Regis! A tractor pulled out in front out our car, created awful traffic and half way his trailer came off. Tried beeping at him and he didn’t even notice! So many accidents could of happened as the trailer was on the other lane!!!

Posted by Claudia Jankowiak on Monday, July 17, 2017

During the minute long clip, the baler nearly collides with a total of seven cars before the driver realises something is amiss. Motorists were forced to swerve in towards the ditch in order to avoid a collision.

Road safety appeal

In Ireland, the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) and the Road Safety Authority issued a joint appeal earlier this week asking motorists to be aware of the increased number of tractors and trailers on the road, during these traditionally busy months.

The President of the IFA, Joe Healy, asked farmers to be “safety conscious” whenever they bring a farm vehicle onto the public road.

Farmers should be aware of traffic building up behind them and keep left, where possible, to allow other vehicles pass safely.

“I would appeal to other road users to show patience when encountering farm machinery on the road. With understanding on both sides, the roads can be safer for everybody,” he said.