As well as live robotic milking demonstrations at this year’s Ploughing Championships, Lely is doing live demonstrations on how it how it produces and assembles its unique mower bed.

Live builds start from 10am onwards every two hours in the Lely forage tent located next to the live milking tent.

In the video, Jelmer Ham Commercial Product Specialist, explains about how the bed is made with the help of his colleague who has assembled over 45,000 cutter bars.

Ham explains the benefits of the cutter bar.

“It’s famous for low fuel consumption and it has low maintenance costs.

“It’s a modular system, very easy to assemble and very easy to take apart if you need to repair it,” Ham said.

He also said that every part of the cutter bar is checked before it’s assembled.

When it comes to fitting the blades on the mower, he says that they use a special Lely system to fit them.

“It’s the same system we’ve had for 20 years. When changing the blades, you always have this pin in your hand.

“Every-time that you change the knives, four or five times, change the pin as well.

“It’s a good investment but you’re assured that this pin is ok to use. It’s just a simple thing, look at it, it could save you a lot of money,” Ham says.

The demonstration will help the spectator understand why Lely mowers have the lowest HP requirement and fuel consumption rates in today’s marketplace.

It has been well proven worldwide and in independent trials that a Lely Splendimo mower requires 20% less HP than other brands leading to a fuel saving of a least a litre of diesel per hectare mown.