Two in-calf cows on a Co. Cork dairy farm had their ears torn off them after they were attacked by dogs earlier this week.

Veterinary Sugeon John Collins received a call on Monday night from a farmer who told him that the ears of two of his cows were missing.

“The farmer called me and said that his cows had been attacked – that their ears were missing.

“He said he had two cows, one is missing two ears and another is missing one.”

Collins, from Mallow Vets in Cork, said that he went up and got a shock. He said that it was something big and strong that attacked them as they had torn strips out of their ears.

The vet first gave them pain relief and then had to tie off the bleeding arteries of one of the cows. He said that he went back up the following day and did skin graphs to try and fill in the defects.

They’re doing quite ok now, they haven’t aborted the calves and I’m hopefully expecting that they’ll recover well.

The cattle were attacked in the shed and it appears they panicked trying to get out of the head-rail, as the dogs attacked them outside the railing.

“Never had I heard of an attack against a cow and these are big Holstein Friesian cows.”

Collins is now appealing to dog owners to know where they’re dogs are at night and that to be certain that they’re locked in at night or that they’re kept in somewhere.

Mallow Vets then shared a video of one of the cows on its Facebook page. In the video you can hear John Collins saying “this is what happens when dogs go mad and aren’t kept under control by their owners”.

Collins then appeals to dog owners saying “dog owners of the world unite and keep your little pets under control because they can be nasty when the notion takes them”.

*Warning: This video is very graphic content which some users may find distressing.

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Posted by Mallow Vets on Tuesday, January 26, 2016