Veterinary courses fall in popularity in 2018 – CAO

The latest preference data from the Central Applications Office (CAO) has shown that Level 8 veterinary courses have fallen in popularity in 2018.

The facility allowing students applying to the CAO to change their course choices closed at the beginning of this month for the final time.

Total CAO applications were down 4.2% this year, dropping to 77,171. Level 8 applications fell by 2.9%, while applications to Level 6 or Level 7 courses decreased by 8%.

Students who sat their Leaving Certificate exams this June will receive their results in August, with Round 1 offers from the CAO being made available from 6:00am on August 20.

This year, Level 8 veterinary courses received a total of 1,926 mentions; this was a drop of 5% – or 109 – on the previous year. Meanwhile, this type of course was placed as first preference on 935 application forms this year – representing a fall of 111 or 11%.

In terms of Level 8 courses relating to veterinary medicine, the number of total mentions decreased by 47 (6%) – while the number of first preferences fell by 45 (8%). Level 8 veterinary medicine courses received 684 mentions this year.

On the other hand, preference data from the CAO for Level 8 agriculture courses has remained mostly unchanged in 2018 – with some 2,198 mentions and 399 first preferences.

Level 8 forestry courses received 212 mentions this year – an increase of 12%; while the number of first preferences stood at 27 – a fall of 4%.

Finally, the popularity of Level 8 courses for interdisciplinary programmes and qualifications involving agriculture, forestry and veterinary only dropped marginally this year.