Sheep marts throughout the country have reported a livelier trade for sheep of late, as prices in the factories move in a positive direction.

Supplies at factories remain tight in the opening months of the year with the kill so far down 10 per cent on the same period last year.


Kilkenny Mart reported another good trade for a limited supply of hoggets with a top price of €129 for 61kg kilo hogget’s. Cull ewes in the main peaked at €100.

Sample prices: For butcher lambs: 60kg made €2.15/kg or €129, 55kg made €2.24/kg or €123, 51kg made €2.39 or €122 and 50kg made €2.40 or €120.

Trade for factory lambs was also brisk factory lambs: 47kg lambs made €2.30 or €108, 45kg made €2.27 or €102, 44kg made €2.27 or €100 and lighter 43kg lambs made €2.26 or €97.

On the store lamb side: 41kg lambs made €2.07 or €85, 36kg made €2.42 or €87, 35 kg made €2.23 or €78, 34kg made €2.12 or €72.

Cast ewes: Made between €40 to €100 per head. Ewes with lambs at foot were in the region of €140 to €200 per unit.


Mountbellew reported larger number of sheep on offer at its most recent sale than previous weeks. On the day hoggets were a similar trade to previous week. Mountbellew also reported a slight increase in heavier lots of stag ewes. There was also increased farmer activity for ewes with lambs at foot and in-lamb ewes.

Sample prices:
Hoggets: 12 ewe hoggets 56kg at €118, 9 ewe hoggets 44kg at €98, 11 ewe hoggets 38kg at €94, 4 weather hoggets 58kg at €119, 8 ewe hoggets 48.5kg at €109.

Stag ewes met with firm trade with prices ranging from €55 to €100.

Increased demand for in lamb ewes and ewes with lambs at foot. Six in-lamb yearlings carrying twin lambs due late march €162, three second crop ewes with five lambs at foot €204, three first crop ewes with three lambs at foot €166, one third crop ewe with single lamb at foot €150, one second crop ewe with twin lambs at foot €186.


At Raphoe’s weekly sheep sale yesterday a firm trade was also evident. On the day store lambs made €23 to €59 over the weight. Factory type lambs were achieving €50 to €70 over the weight. Heavier butcher lambs made €54 to €71 over the weight and fat ewes on average got €50 to €113 each.

Maam Cross

In Maam Cross black face ewes in lamb averaged €45 to €72. Weather Hoggets were making €45 to €73 on the day. Cross bred lambs averaged €30 to €68 with a top price of €80 and black face w/ram lambs averaged €35 to €58 a head .