A tractor driver in Co. Waterford was killed following a road traffic collision on Tuesday morning, May 23, at approximately 11:20am.

Gardai are investigating the accident which occurred at Ballinageeragh, Dunhill in Co. Waterford.

The male driver, who was 62-years-old, was fatally injured when the tractor he was driving collided with a ditch; it is believed the tractor overturned following the collision.

He was pronounced dead at the scene and nobody else was injured in the collision, according to the Gardai; investigations are still ongoing.

Tractors the focus of a farm inspection campaign

Earlier this month, the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) announced that a ‘month-long, intensive’ farm inspection campaign, focusing on tractors and farm machinery, would take place during the month of May.

Approximately 500 inspections were expected to be carried out; each year nearly half of all farm deaths, and many more serious accidents, are linked to tractors and machinery, the HSA added.

In an effort to reduce the likelihood of accidents involving tractors or farm machinery, HSA inspectors have encouraged farmers to put systems in place that minimise risk.

During the campaign, a particular focus was expected to be placed on reducing the risk of accidents where a person could be struck or crushed by a tractor or farm implement.

The guarding of machinery, such as a protective cover around a PTO shaft, is also an important factor in preventing accidents, the HSA added.

A range of information on tractor and machinery safety is available on the HSA’s website.

The HSA also carried out an extensive farm inspection campaign during the month of March, placing a particular focus on the safe handling of livestock.