Tractor driver fails to meet minimum motorway speed

A tractor towing a low-loader was recently detected by An Garda Siochana failing to meet the minimum speed required on a motorway.

The Roads Policing Unit in Carlow identified the tractor driving under the required speed on the M9 motorway on Friday, October 19 – the same day as National Slow Down Day.

A tractor is not allowed to drive on a motorway if it is not able to travel at or maintain a speed of at least 50kph. The tractor detected on the M9 in Carlow was reportedly travelling at 44kph.

Meanwhile, a lorry was also noted travelling in excess of its allowable speed on the M9 on the same day. It was found to be doing 98kph when it should have been doing no more than 90kph.

The Roads Policing Unit in Carlow indicated that both incidents were causing “dangerous conditions” for other motorway users and it called for drivers to be mindful of breaking distances and reaction times – regarding not just their driving, but the driving of others also.

Furthermore, another tractor driver was stopped by the Roads Policing Unit in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, for towing a dump trailer with “bald and defective tyres“.

The tractor and trailer in question was stopped and inspected as part of a checkpoint conducted alongside the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

Images of the incident were posed on the official Twitter page of An Garda Siochana. Following the discovery, the trailer was grounded and a fixed-charge penalty notice (FCPN) was issued.