Laois-based machinery dealer Bailey Machinery Sales (BMS) has just taken on the agency for the ‘Tractor Bumper‘ for the entire island of Ireland – both north and south.

The ‘Tractor Bumper’, which is made in the Netherlands, is designed primarily as a road safety aid.

In its native country – the Netherlands – there are 16 deaths and over 100 serious injuries each year (on average) arising from accidents involving agricultural vehicles.

The manufacturer says that accidents involving agricultural vehicles are three times as likely to result in a fatality than accidents involving a car. Surprisingly, they are 1.5 times more deadly than accidents involving trucks – or so says the company behind this eye-catching product.

Tractor Bumper

In modern farming, agricultural vehicles are used for a multitude of purposes – not only around the farm but also out on the public road and in urban environments. The manufacturer says that 26% of accidents involving agricultural vehicles happen in urban or built-up areas.

It also says that modern tractors are getting bigger and are capable of achieving higher speeds – of up to 50 or even 60kph.

Lighting issue

All of this, says the manufacturer, is compounded by the fact that tractors – by design – are equipped with two headlights in the middle, along with two lamps up high on either side of the cab.

However, the cab is generally narrower than the total width of the tractor, so these lights don’t give an accurate representation – at night – of the real width of the vehicle.

This means that, for other road-users, it’s very difficult to estimate the width of the tractor as it approaches – especially on small roads.

The so-called ‘Tractor Bumper‘, by contrast, clearly “highlights” the full width of the tractor for other road-users. This, says the company, “drastically improves safety”.

Frontal collision

In a frontal collision between a tractor and another road-user, there is a risk that the vehicle may go underneath the tractor’s front wheels, because they are not shielded.

Tractor Bumper

The ‘Tractor Bumper’ helps here too; it sits out in front of the wheels and can help to deflect a car upon collision. When the ‘Tractor Bumper’ is set up correctly (with the underside of the bumper 40cm from the ground), it is at the same height as a car’s bumper.

The ‘Tractor Bumper’ is a universal device, which is designed to fit to any front-mounted three-point linkage. It is adjustable to suit different tractor and tyre widths.

For added safety, it features a ‘break-back‘ protection system, which is designed to prevent the bumper getting damaged – for example if it gets caught on something when reversing the tractor.

All units are powder-coated and come with LED marker lights, as well as red/white reflective panels as standard.

Various options are available, such as an integrated 135L toolbox, extra lights, guide bars, jack stands and ballast weights – from 600kg upwards.

In fact, there are three distinct versions – the ‘Basic‘, ‘Premium‘ and ‘SafetyWeight‘. The ‘Premium’ version has the integrated toolbox; the ‘SafetyWeight’ model has the toolbox, plus front weights and traffic markings.

Speaking about the latest offering, managing director of BMS Darren Bailey commented: “I am delighted to be able to offer the agricultural community such an innovative and, in my opinion, vital product for anyone on the road with a tractor.

Modern tractors are getting bigger and faster and if one of these bumpers helps to save someone from serious injury, or worse, it’s worth every penny.

Prices start at €1,300 excluding VAT. Units are now available in stock at BMS in Laois.