Tillage management: Hybrid barley growth regulator due soon

Ground conditions have delayed the first split of fertiliser on winter barley in many parts of the country. However, some hybrid barley crops, particularly in the south-east of the country, are coming near the first timing for plant growth regulator application – GS30.

Crops at the end of tillering should receive their first split of fertiliser. Some crops, which have received fertiliser, are very forward and will be reaching GS30 in the next few days. Growth regulator will need to be applied – at this stage – to promote rooting and tillering.

A fungicide may also be applied at this time, if needed. This should include a triazole, strobilurin or SDHI and may or may not contain a mildewcide.

Further applications

A second application of plant growth regulator can be applied at GS31-32. This will promote tillering and reduce height. A third application of plant growth regulator at GS33-39 is used to reduce height and decrease the risk of brackling.


CCC can be applied at the first two application timings. Moddus or Medax Max can be applied at any of the three timings and Terpal may be used on the final plant growth regulator application.

Where CCC is applied with a second product, like Moddus or Medax Max, rates can be reduced.