The recent snow has left land in very wet conditions. Therefore, now might be the time to catch up on some housekeeping and the chemical store is a good place to start.


All products in your chemical store must be recorded. A record sheet is available on the pesticide control service’s section of the department’s website. All documentation for cross compliance records can be found there.

What details are needed:
  • The name of the product;
  • The PCS (pesticide control service) number of the product;
  • The size of the product container;
  • All products received, used or returned should be recorded;
  • The product register should be updated as products are used.

PCS numbers

Only products with a valid PCS number should be in the chemical store. PCS numbers change regularly as products are re-registered.

It is important to use older products first, so that products with an older PCS number are not left in the chemical store.

Old or expired products

Any old, unused or out-of-date products should be disposed of correctly. Products can be brought to a farm hazardous waste collection.

Cross compliance

In the case of a cross compliance inspection, the chemical register may be checked. The register should match the crop protection records and dockets for chemicals in and out of the farm.

Chemical store checklist:
  • The chemical store should be locked;
  • ‘Chemical Store’ should be labelled clearly on the door with a warning sign;
  • Stores should be built in a way that spills or leaks cannot leave the store;
  • Stores should also have a spill kit in case any chemical spills occur;
  • There should be appropriate ventilation in walk-in stores;
  • Shelving should be made from non-absorbent material;
  • Powders should be kept above or away from liquids;
  • The store should have appropriate lighting.