‘The time for pausing over the Dublin-Galway Greenway is over’

The time for pausing over the Dublin to Galway Greenway is over, according to the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross.

Last year, farmers in Galway objected to the greenway going through their private land, which resulted in the former Minister for Transport, Pashcal Donohue withdrawing funding from the Galway section.

Minister Ross has now said that he is not going to get involved in the rights and wrongs of the dispute or the difficulties which are obviously obstructing the progress of this greenway.

However, he said that he is going to appeal and hope to do something in a more concrete way to ensure it will go ahead soon.

The time for pausing is over. There was a pause called for and it was probably a good and sensible decision at the time.

The Minister said that he is not familiar with the actual detail of the arguments between the various landowners and others in the area.

He also said that he will make an effort to see to it that they will put their heads together once again in order that we make a serious and energetic attempt to open the greenway with a great deal more speed.

“Greenways have the potential to attract a significant number of tourists, particularly to the midlands.

“I will certainly do as much as I can in the Department to promote them and bring more tourists to the country.”

In the meantime, Minister Ross said that he will examine potential funding options to deliver the sections of the Galway to Dublin greenway in counties Kildare and Meath that have planning permission in place and may be progressed quickly.

“The completion of these sections would allow for the provision of a fully off-road greenway from Maynooth to Athlone.

“The provision of this 100km section, combined with the 26km Mullingar to Abbeyshrule greenway, would provide a multi-day cycling experience which would be attractive to visitors from home and overseas.”