The metabolic changes that occur around calving lead to a significant drop in dry matter intake (DMI). Suppressed DMI is a major factor in the incidence of early lactation metabolic diseases.

Therefore, it stands to reason that encouraging DMI after calving is essential for giving cows the best start in lactation by minimising metabolic disease and optimizing milk production.

A dairy cow does not eat and drink in the period directly before and during calving. She does however, lose large amounts of water and electrolytes and her blood calcium level goes down.

This can make the animal lethargic, resulting in a further reduction of DMI.

Farm-O-San Reviva is a highly palatable, post-calving drink for dairy cows, with large amounts of energy and calcium. It quickly rehydrates and replenishes mineral loss in the cow and increases blood calcium levels.

“On the day of calving, cows are very stressed, they eat less and drink less,” said UK farmer James Frankpitt.

“The biggest challenge is to get them eating again after they have delivered their calf, but with Farm-O-San Reviva, their transition seems to be smooth.”

What’s in it?

Farm-O-San Reviva is enriched with a flavoring agent, which makes it highly palatable to cattle. In practice, it’s clear that cows love Farm-O-San Reviva, drinking it spontaneously and eagerly.

In a trial carried out in Germany, out of a total of 440 cows, 222 were offered Farm-O-San Reviva, 218 were offered a competitor product. As the graph below shows, Farm-O-San Reviva was found to be extremely palatable.

Other trials carried out with Farm-O-San Reviva also showed a 100% spontaneous uptake.


Farm-O-San Reviva increases blood calcium levels and DMI and should be given immediately after calving.

Farm-O-San Reviva contains a large amount of calcium as well as a substance increasing uptake of calcium from the gut and an easy to digest source of energy.

It increases blood calcium levels in dairy cows after calving.

A trial in the Netherlands studied two groups of Holstein cows, each consisting of 20 animals. Directly following calving, each cow in the test group was given 20L of Farm-O-San Reviva, after which the cows had free access to drinking water.

The 20 control animals only had free access to drinking water. For each group, the individual feed intake (concentrate and roughage) was then measured before and after calving.

There was an increase of about 1kg of DMI/day for the cows in the Farm-O-San Reviva group compared with those in the control group.

“The free access approach of cows taking it of their own is a huge benefit,” said vet Andrew Biggs.

“It’s nice to know that these cows get their energy and electrolyte levels back to normal without any unnecessary stress.”

Using Farm-O-San Reviva after calving

Read the instructions on the product label for directions on product usage.

Mix 1kg of Farm-O-San Reviva powder with 10L of hot water (40-45°). The solution will turn orange.

Once dissolved, add 10L of cold water to achieve a drinking temperature around 25-30°. Give this lukewarm solution of Farm-O-San Reviva immediately after calving and before the cow is given free access to water.

For more information on Farm-O-San Reviva, visit the Trouw Nutrition website by clicking here.