Vicon have recently added a budget orientated rear butterfly set to its range of mowers.

Aimed at the the medium to large dairy farmers, the set weighs in at just 2.130kg and can be mounted on tractors of 150hp upwards.

Wide cut with vertical storage

The cutting width is 8.75m and when not in use, it can be put away in the shed in its vertical position, greatly reducing the amount of room required for storage.

In keeping with its budget-conscious design brief, ground pressure is maintained through the use of springs with a simple chain link adjustment. Hydraulic control is available as an option.

Vicon extra butterfly set
The rear mounted units are 3.18m in width each

The mowing units are suspended from the centre and each have a ‘non stop’ breakaway mechanism which is also adjustable.

Vicon three bladed discs

The blades are carried on triangular discs and may be quickly turned or changed with the lever – carried in an integral toolbox on the headstock – provided.

Vicon claim that having three blades per disc evens out the power requirement as there is at least one blade on each disc cutting at any one moment.

The company’s mowers always feature an even number of discs on each bed. This means they are always working as pairs which, Vicon tells us, will leave a clean cut even in wet conditions.

Lightweight conditioning

To help save weight, the conditioning tines are made of nylon and the conditioning rotor may be either set at 900rpm or 600rpm via the changing of a pully on the belt drive.

The conditioning effect may also be be adjusted with three settings possible using a hand lever on each unit.

Transport vicom mower
The units fold in beyond 90 degrees, offering a transport height of 3.66m and a width of 3m.

Vicon recommend that the rear set is an ideal match for its Extra 632FT front mower, which also relies upon springs for suspension and has a cutting width of 3.18m. The product range is sold under the Kverneland brand name here in Ireland.