The IFA election count in numbers and pictures

This evening the IFA election came to a close as Galwayman Joe Healy was elected the 15th President of the IFA. It comes after the former President Eddie Downey resigned from the role on November 25 – 146 days ago.

Debates between the candidates started on February 8 and voting started on March 29. Today, April 19, saw the counting of 28,093 votes from across the country.

The main counties where turnout was highest was Galway with 3,799 votes. Kerry saw the second highest turnout at 3,503 and Laois with 1,949 votes – the home counties of Joe Healy, Flor McCarthy and Henry Burns respectively.

Of the 3,79 votes in Galway, Joe Healy took 3,702 while Henry Burns took 84 and Flor McCarthy 13.

In Kerry, Flor McCarthy received 3,248 votes, Henry Burns took 42 and Joe Healy took 213 votes.

In Laois, Henry Burns topped the poll with 1,916 of the 1,949 votes, while Joe Healy took 30 and Flor McCarthy took 3.

At the lowest end of the scale the counties with the lowest turnout were Dublin with 145 votes (Healy took 94, Burns 45 and McCarthy 6); and Louth with 266 votes (Healy took 131, Burns 115 and McCarthy took 20).

Pic: IFA
Pic: IFA

Across the country, Flor McCarthy only secured two counties in the IFA election – his home Kerry and neighbouring West Cork. Henry Burns took his home county of Laois, Monaghan, Westmeath, Offaly, Kildare, Kilkenny, Carlow and Wicklow.

Breakdown of how each county voted
Breakdown of how each county voted

The final tally was Joe Healy (14,122); Henry Burns (8,540) and Flor McCarthy (5,431).