Teagasc plans to put a major emphasis this year on promoting a soil fertility campaign across all its farming enterprises. 

According to its monthly advice update, results in recent years clearly demonstrate that Ireland’s use of phosphate and potash as well as lime has been in decline. “The consequence is that soil fertility has suffered. Until we address this we cannot hope to optimise grass grow or crop yields,” states the latest advice from Teagasc.

It is now advising that if farmers want to optimise grass growth on farms than the mineral and lime status of the soil need to be kept in balance.

“The only way to target imbalances in phosphate, potassium and lime is to soil test. If you hae not already done so why not soil sample your ground this month before chemical and organic fertilisers are applied,” it states.

“Soil testing represents good value for money. With high fertiliser prices it is crucial that we can plan a targeted approach to fertiliser use and begin to build soil phosphorus and potassium, indices again.”

It is urging farmers to contact their local Teagasc office if interested in taking soil samples.