A DARD source has confirmed to AgriLand that work is ongoing, in preparation for the launch of Tranche 3 of the METS Programme in Northern Ireland. It has been speculated that this work has been undertaken to tie in with the start of the new slurry spreading season – which gets underway over the coming weeks.

The Manure Efficiency Technology Scheme (METS) is a technical measure, which funds specific specialised slurry spreading equipment. The scheme provides financial support to farm businesses towards the purchase of slurry tankers fitted with trailing shoe, trailing hose and shallow injector slurry spreading systems.

The Scheme is open to individual and collective applications. A collective application is where two or more farm businesses, registered with a DARD Category 1 Farm Business Identification Number, submit an application for METS grant aid under a lead applicant. There is no limit to the number of farm businesses in a collective application. However, there are specific conditions which apply to collective applications.

The Manure Efficiency Technology Scheme is a Sub-Programme approved under Axis 1 of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme

Slurry equipment manufacturers are confirming to AgriLand that the level of customer inquiries regarding Tranche 3 of the METS programme has increased since the turn of the year. A spokesman for Redrock Machinery confirmed that the scheme does provide valuable support to farmers in allowing them make better use of slurry. He continued:

“In our own case we will be exhibiting a comprehensive selection of our tankers, pumps and slurry spreading equipment at the upcoming farm machinery Events at the Maze and Fintona.

“Slurry represents a tremendous resource on all livestock farms. And it is incumbent on every farmer to make best use of it.”