A number of protesters who attended the recent demonstrations and blockades outside meat processors around the country last month remain with injunctions hanging over them, according to the Independent Farmers of Ireland (IFOI).

This claim has been disputed by a meat processor.

In a statement released by the protester group, the IFOI said it has requested that the Beef Market Taskforce be deferred “until all injunctions and cost applications against all individuals involved in beef protests are struck out in their entirety”.

The protester group added that Alo Mohan, Noel Long and Seamus Maye are its “chosen mediators” to participate in the taskforce.

A member of the IFOI pointed to Kepak “moving the goalposts” with its recent announcement of in-spec bonuses and penalties, which he claimed was “not in line” with the four-month notice on changes to weight restrictions and classifications agreed to in last month’s Beef Sector Agreement.

He claimed that a number of injunctions remain in place on some protesters, including in Rathdowney, Co. Laois – a claim that Dawn Meats has rejected.

What we’re trying to say is that there is a bad-spirited approach to this agreement already by some of the meat processors.

“We are disgusted that we are not being recognised on the taskforce,” the IFOI member said, adding that the group stands behind all protesters who still have injunctions hanging over them.

Dawn Meats rejects IFOI claims

Dawn Meats responded to the IFOI member, stating that the claims regarding ongoing injunctions from it are “wholly inaccurate”.

A spokesperson said: “Dawn Meats cannot understand why this farm organisation continues to issue misinformation.

It was confirmed to the solicitor who represented the illegal blockaders in Meadow Meats that their names have been removed, and their IFA solicitor has confirmed this to Dawn Meats.

“We hope that the IFOI will now work constructively towards the commitments given to end the illegal blockades and desist from issuing false information.”