Table topper Dale Farm announces May milk price

The board of Northern Ireland’s largest milk processor – Dale Farm – met to set a price for May milk supplies.

A spokesman said the board had been able to hold the base milk price for May.

At 27.5p/L, the co-op is currently sitting top of the leaderboard in terms of its farm-gate milk price.

And the firm has more good news on the way, with a bonus for suppliers who up their level of production set to kick in in July.

Milk Production Incentive

Nick Whelan, chief executive officer, said: “I am very pleased that Dale Farm is paying the leading milk price – not only in Northern Ireland – but on the island of Ireland.

We are continuing to see more demand for our products and are keen to get more milk from our members and suppliers.

“As a result, our new three-year ‘Milk Production Incentive’ commences on July 1, whereby any litres produced above last year will attract a 3p/L bonus for the months of July through to March each year.”

The price is made up of the base price at 27.2p/L, plus a 0.3p/L member loyalty bonus.

What the others are offering

The Dale Farm May price equates to around 33c/L including VAT.

Meanwhile, Lakeland Dairies also held its base price – however, at 31.78c/L including VAT, its price sat a little behind that of Dale Farm.

For suppliers in Northern Ireland, the co-op is offering 26.5p/L.

Glanbia Ireland held its base price but reduced its support payment for members compared to the previous month. It meant farmers saw a reduction of 1c/L on the April price of 31c/L.

Aurivo revealed a 0.5c/L increase to its base price, driven by increasing butter prices. However, the same month it announced it is dropping its seasonality payment of 0.5c/L offered in April, meaning there was no change to the price at the farm-gate.

The average price paid to Aurivo suppliers in May will be 31.58c/L including VAT, based on the average co-op solids.