Stressed farmers are being sought for a new TV series. ‘Under Pressure’ will look at stress and aim to help people deal with it in their lives.

It will also probe what can be done to help reduce stress levels.

The series is a co-production between Firebrand Productions – which was behind ‘Autism and Me’ and ‘Bullyproof’ – and Television which worked on ‘What’s Ireland Eating?’ and ‘Science Friction: Nuclear Fear’. ‘Under Pressure’ is due for transmission on RTE One television in May 2018.

The series will bring science into the lives of a number of stressed-out individuals who are finding it hard to cope with the constant pressure they feel they are under, and who want help to deal with their situation.

Their stress levels will be measured and monitored. Their progress will then be followed as experts work with them to help them to alleviate their stress.

Firebrand Productions acknowledges that farmers are often under pressure in a highly labour-intensive industry with so much to be done and never enough hours in the day to do it.

“Financial pressure is constant, and it can be such an isolating profession. Switching off or clocking off is often not an option. Trying to find time for a life outside of the farm is a regular challenge,” said Seamus Waters of Firebrand Productions.

Having spoken to famers and those in the farming community, I realise there is an issue with famers who are feeling seriously under pressure.

“I appreciate it is difficult for some to talk about it but we are really eager to have a farmer feature in the programme in order to give others the confidence to seek some help and to outline the support that is available,” he added.

If you feel like you are suffering and would welcome some help in dealing with your stress as part of the programme, you can email [email protected] or call Waters on 089-4885769.